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Catering Ambulance providing catering equipment sales, repairs and maintenance to clients throughout the London area for years.


We sell new and refurbished catering appliances and related equipment. Catering Ambulance specialise in stainless steel. Some items are sourced from establishments that have undergone enforced closure due to bankruptcy. The business was originally started with a focus on repairs, PAT testing and maintenance. However over recent years the sales function of the business has grown from reselling equipment that was discarded, salvaged and repaired.

Subject to your requirements and instructions, Catering Ambulance can now supply and install most brands of appliances for your commercial catering business.  We do not carry a large stock of new appliances, this ensures that the price of supplying your appliance is fair..

Product Approval Testing & Certifications, performed by our qualified engineers. Learn more about PAT.

We maintain a record of all our customers and the serial numbers of all the appliances that we have sold. This enables us to ascertain as much information about the equipment, source any parts and despatch an engineer with the appropriate knowledge and skillset capabilities to ensure that any appliance downtime is kept to a minimum.

In order to book an appointment, please call our office or send us an email.

Refer also to the sections about our maintenance and repairs services.


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